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European Merchandise Group - The tool bag company


European Merchandise Group A/S (EMG ) is a well-established company founded in 2002.

EMG delivers certified tool bags, safety bags and lifting bags for the specific needs of the wind turbine and offshore industries. Equipment bags for onshore are also part of our product range. All our bags meet high safety needs and requirements. A lot of our bags are specially designed with our customers, and consistently improved through their collaboration.

 EMG designs best-in-class products in Denmark and manufacturing takes place in Vietnam. To ensure compliance, quality control of all products is conducted by Danish employees.

 The company came to market because of the need for better products in the lifting industry. To align with specific needs of our customers, the organization is split into two different branches; merchandise and tool bags.

 The tool bag branch arose out of a need for bags to be used when transferring persons and cargo to and from offshore wind turbines. Nothing was approved and developed in 2002 for that particular market, so EMG started the development of a special bag that could be used for this purpose.

 The initial model 3597 and 3585 was made and tested in 2003. After one year of testing, the first models were made and put into service at the Horns Rev Wind Farm no. 1. Subsequently, several major wind turbine manufacturers have been involved in the development process of all the tool bags that EMG offers today. Each tool bag has a special purpose and all tool bags are certified according to the EC directive for machines.


  • EMG has a partnership with all the major lifting supply companies.
  • EMG uses Force Technology for special testing of our equipment and tool bags.
  • EMG tool bag department has its main focus on individual solutions and needs of the customer.


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