Round lifting bag ideal for rope access and working in heights.
  • NOTE: This is a new and improved version of model 3636. 
  • The bag is made from an 1800 x 900 PVC black flat-coated material. 
  • The lifting straps are made from high quality double plain nylon. 
  • The hard bottom is made of hard plastic to keep the bag in shape and prolong the lifespan of the bag. 
  • The bottom is replaceable and can be easily replaced if needed. 
  • The bag has with a white plastic insert making the bag upright and stable. 
  • 4626 comes with two upright plastic dividers which can be used to create and divide the inside of the bag into 4 compartments. 
  • This model has six pockets placed on the outside of the bag. 
  • Lifting straps can be used for belt fastening. 
  • The top of the bag is closed by a zipper, the pockets around the outside are closed by velcro. 
  • The pockets on the outside have securing holes for attaching and securing tools and other content inside the pockets.
  • The bag comes with a comfortable attachable/detachable shoulder strap. 



Height: 40 cm

Diameter: 35 cm


Volume: 38 L

WLL (Working Load Limit): 25 kg


Available colors



This bag has been manufactured in accordance with the following international standards and technical specifications:

EN 1492-1 norm and guides have been used to manufacture this tool bag.


WLL (kg) 25 Working load limit
Units in box: 5