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Catalogue 2020


Square tool bag with 2 pockets inside. Hard cover outside.


Height: 64 cm

Width: 25,5 cm

Length: 57 cm


Volume: 85 L

Working Load limit (WLL) 80 kg


Short Description

The bag has a service life of 5 years. The bag is subject to inspections every 6 or 12 months, as any other lifting equipment.

Square tool bag with 2 pockets inside.



The bag is made of extra heavy dual layer materiel. - orange materiel.

The lifting straps are made from high quality double plain nylon.

The bottom cover is made from plastic.

The bag has handles mounted on the side to ease handling.


This bag has been manufactured in accordance with the following international standards and technical specifications:

EN 1492-1 norm and guides have been used to manufacture this tool bag.


WLL (kg) 80 Working load limit
Units in box: 5

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