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Catalogue 2020

ISO 9001 certified


This small square tool bag is made from strong tarpaulin material. The bag is water repellent and is a great solution for smaller content of lesser weight.

Volume: 95 L


Weight: 4,5 KGS

Dimensions (open): 57 x 27 x 67 cm (L x W x H)

Dimensions (closed): 57 x 27 x 67 cm (L x W x H)

Lifting height: 80 cm

Material (main): 0,5 mm Tarpaulin

Spare parts: 6131


  • This edition has two pockets on the inside walls. The pockets are closed by velcro.
  • It is made of extra heavy dual layer tarpaulin material, making the bag water repellent.
  • The strong lifting straps are made from high quality double plain nylon.
  • The hard bottom is made of hard PEHD plastic to keep the bag in shape and prolong the life of the bag. The bottom cover can easily be replaced if needed.
  • A hard plastic plate is placed inside the bag to offer weight distribution.
  • The bag has handles mounted on the side to ease handling.
  • A dual velcro closing device makes the bag easy and secure to close.
WLL (kg) 80 Working load limit
Units in box: 5

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