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Catalogue 2020

ISO 9001 certified


Square toolbag for heavy content.

This bag is water repellent

This bag is the new and upgraded version of model no. 3234


Working Load Limit (WLL):

400 kg.



240 L



Width: 46 cm

Height: 72 cm

Lenght: 77 cm


Available colors:



Short Description:

A large service tool bag, constructed with the heavy involvement from the wind turbine manufacturers.

The bag has several lifting possibilities, so there is a high flexibility.

The material is double layer for increased safety.


Construction / Material:

The bag is made out of high quality tarpaulin material. The lifting straps are made from high quality double plain nylon.

The soft bottom cover is made from heavy pvc-material with rubber-like quality to prolong the life of the cover.

For making the bag stable and keeping it upright and keeping the shape, 10mm pvc-foam are between double layer of tarpaulin material in the bottom and up along the sides.

Inside bottom is 19mm plywood.

Lifting bags has handles mounted on the side for easy handling.


This bag has been manufactured in accordance with the following international standards and technical specifications:

EN 1492-1 norm and guides have been used to manufacture this tool bag.


WLL (kg) 500 Working load limit

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