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Catalogue 2020

ISO 9001 certified


Square tool bag with a hard plastic bucket insert for keeping the bag in shape and
protecting against pointy objects. 5327 is made for heavy lift.

■  Dimensions (open): 77 x 47 x 95 cm (L x W x H) 

■  Dimensions (closed): 77 x 47 x 95 cm (L x W x H) 

■  Lifting height: 100 cm 

■  Material (main): Heavy tarpaulin 

■  Spare parts: 6164 


As part of the bag comes a foldable upright plastic bucket. 

The bucket is folded and assembled by velcro and can be folded out to be one flat piece of plastic. 

This model is equipped with a dual velcro closing method. 

5327 bag is made of high quality tarpaulin material making it water repellent. 

This bag has handles on the front and back for easy handling. 

The lifting straps are made from high quality double plain nylon. 

The hard bottom is made of hard plastic to keep the bag in shape and extend the lifespan of the bag. The bottom is replaceable and can easily be replaced if needed. 


WLL (kg) 500 Working load limit

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