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Catalogue 2020

ISO 9001 certified


Photo card for wing inspections.


Width:                   22 cm

Height:                  16 cm

Depth:                  0,8 cm

Weight:                  152 g


Material and use:

The inspection card is made out of white board material. It is therefore possible to fill out the fields using a non-permanent marker. It is also possible using a permanent marker and removing it when needed using common alcohol. 

Standard dymo labels is also a simple and functional way to fill out the data on the card.


The hole in the bottom left corner is for attaching a lanyard.


Damage number goes from N/A to 15  /  Damage category goes from N/A to 5


Meters from Root End goes from 0 to 99

These are the following damage locations to choose from:



Additional fields can be added and adapted to the customers needs (only for large orders).

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