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Catalogue 2020

ISO 9001 certified


Small and handy pencil case containing a complete tool securing set for working in heights.
  • The one-room-case is closed by a zipper and the lid is transparent. 
  • A total of 5 tool lanyards with adhering carabiner are placed inside the case. 
  • A total of 10 tool tethers are placed inside the case. 
  • 1 role of self-amalgamating tape is placed in the bag. Self-amalgamating tape is a silicone-rubber tape. When stretched and wrapped around an object, it unites itself into a strong and waterproof layer. 
  • If a tool doesn’t have a retrofit attachment point, a tool tether can be attached using the self-amalgamating tape. A tool lanyard can then be attached to the tool tether. 
  • The case is mainly made of tarpaulin material but has a transparent lid. 


WLL: 3 kg

Dimensions: W: 11 cm / L: 29 cm / H: 9 cm

Material: Tarpaulin

Color options: Orange

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