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Catalogue 2020

ISO 9001 certified


Tall cylinder-shaped backpack specially designed for rope access operations and similar work situations.
  • This bag has two handles on the sides of the bag to ease handling. 
  • The inside of the bag contains one large compartment. 
  • The bag is made of an 1800 x 900 PVC black flat-coated material. 
  • 4498 comes with an additional insert of hard plastic to make the bag stable, upright and increase the light inside. 
  • The hard bottom is made out of hard plastic to make the bag keep in shape and prolong the life of the bag. 
  • The bottom is replaceable and can be easily replaced if needed. 
  • A large see-through pocket for A4-sized paper is placed on the outside of the bag. 
  • The shoulder straps are padded to enhance comfort. 
  • The top of the bag is simply closed using a plastic buckle. 
  • The side of the bag has securing eyes/holes for securing tools or attaching the bag to your belt when working in heights. 
  • It is possible to fit 200 meters of rope inside the bag. 


Volume: 90 L

Dimensions: Ø: 35 cm / H: 102 cm

Material: D1800*900 PVC

Replacable cover: Hard / Soft

Accessories / spare parts: 1920, 6094, 6117, 6165

Color options: Blue

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