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Catalogue 2020

Quality Policy


  • Deliver the best services and products possible, meeting the customers’ and stakeholders’ requirements and needs as applicable.
  • Build a healthy and constructive business-relationship with our customers.
  • Develop and maintain a quality management system ensuring that our goals and objectives are met by identifying the required processes and procedures necessary to meet customer expectations and requirements.
  • Have a top management, who sets the strategic direction and goals by having performed periodical analyses based on evidence and risk-based thinking, where risks and possibilities, influencing the conformity of our products and services, are identified  .
  • Perform periodically management reviews of the quality management system, including a customer satisfaction input, in order to ensure continuous improvement of the system and our performance.
  • Select and motivate a skilled and dedicated team, who cooperates on providing the best services possible and meeting our goals and KPIs.
  • Make sure that EMG’s quality policy is communicated and understood within the organization.

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